​Creative massage

​Relaxation massage soft and enveloping inspired by the Californian massage and Swedish massage. This massage is tailored to your needs. It may be more or less soft and enveloping. This is a massage that allows a letting go of the emotion and spirit. Oil massage on massage table

95€/60 min  - 130€/90 min  - 190€/120min 

Deep Tissue Massage

The sports massage or deep tissue massage is a deep and muscular. It is a relaxing massage to muscles and tendons. This massage is ideal for sports recovery or prevention.

110€/60 min - 160€/90 min - 210€/120 min

Massage hotstone

Hotstone massage is a hot stone massage very gentle and relaxing. The alternation of the action of heated stones and very soft hands gives an incomparable feeling of well being.

120€/60 min - 170€/90 min - 220€/120 min

Esalem Massage


We create a massage an experience psycho énergéc, spiritual et sensuel on the 70th sound. the hands are slows, gentles and sensuals. this massage during  90 min or 120 min.

Pour un voyage dans la sensualité des années 70, nous vous proposons un lâcher prise u​nique!


120€/60 min - 180€/90 min - 240€/120 min

Meditative Astral Massage


The meditative astral massage is a sensorial trip. The body and the mind are totally accompanied by the beginning of the massage. The starry sky massage room is fills with hovering music. The maneuvers are gentle and intense. The body is cradled and carried with a lot of sensuality and delicacy. The feeling of lightness brings a transcendental and meditative experience.

120€/60 min - 180€/90 min - 240€/120 min

​Massage in the Dark​

This massage in complete darkness is a true original captivating experience.

110€/60 min - 160€/90 min - 210€/120 min

Massage 4'Sens

This massage on futon is a perfect rebalancing on the 7 main Chakras.​

Oils, sound, touch, the senses come alive and adds to the naked body sensations.

120€/60 min - 180€/90 min - 240€/120 min​​


​The 4'Sens Massage - Training - massage homme paris

Come learn the massage 4'sens being particularly (1 or two people) or in group classes (max 6 people), on Sunday.

This massage is a perfect futon rebalancing at the seven main Chakras. Oils, sound, touch, the senses come alive.

Private lesson (90 min): 100 €

Group classes (3H-Sunday from 14PM to 17PM): 80 € 


Les massages de relaxation que je proposent ne sont absolument pas des massages thérapeutiques ni médicaux dans le sens ou ces massages ne soignent pas. ne guérissent pas en aucune manière.

Frédéric BONFILS

43 avenue de suffren - 8 villa de saxe - Paris 7

06 21 49 39 76

RCS 792 444 440 000 12

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